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Using vivid painting for traditional canonical icons is often considered as a shortcoming. Vivid painting and icon painting is opposed. My opinion is that it's wrong.
Picturesqueness (in Russian translation vivid painting) is a positive quality of all genres of fine arts, not only of realistic painting. In canonical Orthodoxy icons this quality is particular necessary.
At present links on canon conception are often in use for excusing in taste's, colour's or arty's absence, in somebody's icons. I consider that such icons cant be canonical. Icons canon is not only an orientation on old traditional icons. Primely canon is an aspiration to arty and spiritual perfection.
In Orthodoxy church the cordiality is wrongly opposinng to the spirituality and therefore, vivid painting must not present in icons because of it is an expression of artist's emotional soul. Icons have to express cold spirituality. But real spirituality cannot be achieved without such souls quality as cordiality and sincerity.
The picturequeness is just amazeing us in medieval icons. An icon cant be canonical without it.

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