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About myself.

I   was born in1967 in Moscow. From early childhood I liked to draw but I did not think to be icon painter. The promise to paint the best sacred image of our Lord, I gave when I was twelve. Next years my hottest wish was to enter serious art school named among people "Surikovskaya".
When I began to study there, I fogot my promise. But God did not leave me. And He sent me remarkable teachers. They were believer and now famous talented artists Andrijaka S.N. and Vishnjak M.V. They have taught me for persistent labour and showed me the beauty of ancient Russian painting.
Leaving school I remembered my "light-minded" promise to God.
I was not a believer that time.I wanted to believe, but it was difficult to me. I was very happy when I understood: the God exist as reality. My way to Church had taken me up for a few years. Also it was hard to me to find my own way in icon painting. I couldn't understand how to write icons. My husband Kabikin Valery and my teacher, the outstanding modern iconographer, the husband of M.Vishnjak, A.Sokolov, helped me. Now I am very happy - I'm trying to carry out my Promise, given to God.

That's me, my teacher A.Sokolov and p. Mihail, abbot of St Virgine "Skoroposlushnitca" temple, town Kisilevsk, Kemerovskaya reg., while painting.

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