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3. Tenderness of st. Seraphim Sarovsky

9064cm 2002 year.

The image of Our Lady Tenderness of st. Seraphim Sarovsky is usually painting without saint Seraphim genuflector. Iconography source of this image, and similar icon God's Mother Ostobramskaya, is Annunciation, - Blessed Virgin, with hands humbly laying on Her breast, listening words of Archangel. The icon is named Tenderness because of gentle expression on face of Our Lady. It is glorified as likely image of st. Seraphim Sarovsky to be deceased before it. Therefore here is depicted saint Seraphim praying on the stone. The well-known art critic and restorer M.M.Krasilin hotly supported this iconography decision and in fact thank to him this icon was painted.

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